Gun-Yeal Lee
Gun-Yeal Lee

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford University, working with Prof. Gordon Wetzstein at the Stanford Computational Imaging Lab. I am broadly interested in Optics and Photonics, with a particular focus on nanophotonics and metasurfaces. My recent research at the intersection of optics and computer vision focuses on developing next-generation optical imaging, display, and computing systems, utilizing advanced photonic devices and AI-driven algorithms.

I completed my PhD at Seoul National University in 2021 under the guidance of Prof. Byoungho Lee at the Optical Engineering and Quantum Electronics Lab. For my undergraduate studies, I double-majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics, also at Seoul National University.

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Full-color 3D holographic augmented reality displays with metasurface waveguides

Manu Gopakumar*, Gun-Yeal Lee*, Suyeon Choi, Brian Chao, Yifan Peng, Jonghyun Kim, Gordon Wetzstein (*equal contribution)

Nature 2024

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Metasurface eyepiece for augmented reality

Gun-Yeal Lee*, Jong-Young Hong*, SoonHyoung Hwang, Seokil Moon, Hyeokjung Kang, Sohee Jeon, Hwi Kim, Jun-Ho Jeong, Byoungho Lee (*equal contribution)

Nature Communications 2018

[Link] [Citations: 449]


Complete amplitude and phase control of light using broadband holographic metasurfaces

Gun-Yeal Lee, Gwanho Yoon, Seung-Yeol Lee, Hansik Yun, Jaebum Cho, Kyookeun Lee, Hwi Kim, Junsuk Rho, Byoungho Lee

Nanoscale 2018

[Link] [Citations: 389]